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Natural Baby Cold Remedies

Your baby has an imperfect healthy immune system, which means he is still susceptible to various diseases. Common cold is a disease that may affect many newborns as a result of the immature immune system.

Imagine when your baby has a cold, there are about 200 types of viruses that may cause the colds, so what is the proper way for the baby cold remedies.

When the baby is suffering from a cold, he will produce a clear discharge that comes out of the baby's nose.

When it reaches one week, the discharge will turn greenish or yellowish and usually the cough and fever will accompany during the cold.

Common cold usually does not turn the baby's overall activities, which means, he still wants to play and eat as usual.

How to Provide Baby Cold Remedies

Common cold and runny nose, is the body’s natural way to get rid of and fight germs and viruses in the body, thus resulting mucus in the nose.

So you need not worry about this, because within a week, the common cold will heal by itself. But you need to be aware if your baby makes a lot of nasal discharge, which will give him a bad breath eventually.

You can follow a few tips that can be done at your lovely home to provide natural baby cold remedies from, here are few of them.

Natural Baby Cold Remedies at Home

Then how to get rid of nasal congestion for baby cold remedies, you can apply several home remedies for your lovely baby which are easily available inside your home, and here are a few of them;

1. If your baby is 6 months or older, you can provide and ask him to drink a warm herbal tea to relieve his nasal congestion and colds.

2. Apply petroleum jelly on the outside of your baby's nose to prevent irritation.

3. Thin the mucus in the nose is very important to reduce blockages in the nose, this happens when your baby has a severe common cold. Using a salt water solution and dripping in both the outside of baby’s nostrils. Clean the nose from mucus using a vacuum snot.

4. Do not use the nasal spray on your baby, it is better to ask your doctor if you insist to use this method.

5. Avoid placing your baby in the AC rooms, it may help to reduce the nasal congestion, or if necessary, you can add an air humidifier machine or provide hot steam.

6. Using a cotton swab dipped warm water, then wipe the mucus out from your baby's nose.

7. Put the baby in the prone position and gently pat your baby's back to ease his breathing.

8. Avoid the use of medications without consulting a doctor. Giving medicine to your baby without knowing the right dose will harm your baby's health condition.

If you notice your baby is able to perform activities and have a normal appetite, it is not necessary to provide distinct action, and you do not need to give drugs medication to get rid of colds in your baby. Your baby's body will cure a cold by itself, and you should give food intake that can improve his immune system.

You can consult a doctor if your baby has a fever, which allows the doctor to give you medicines that contain ibuprofen and paracetamol as a fever-lowering drugs.

Do not even give aspirin as baby cold remedies, as it can harm your baby and give bad side effect.

Provide herbal remedies for your baby such as ephedrine or ephedra that is generally worked to relieve nasal congestion is prohibited, because it gives side effects that are harmful to your baby.

The Caution Conditions

If you find some of the conditions in you baby that will be mentioned below, you need to be aware of. Although the common cold is a type of diseases that generally affects many infants, you should seek medical help to prevent a more severe condition, and here there are.

  1. The eyes of your baby produce dirt and watering.
  2. Your baby is often fussy and sleepy, or there are changes in appetite and sleep significantly.
  3. When common cold suffered by your baby do not show significant improve after one week or about 5-7 days.
  4. Your baby has a cough that is more severe, accompanied by a rapid breath and wheezing sound while breathing.
  5. Your baby has a fever when cold, which reaches a temperature of 39 degrees, and the fever experienced is more than two days. Go for a doctor immediately.
  6. When you do breastfeeding, you will notice your baby is crying constantly, or pull his ears.


Common cold that is accompanied with the symptoms mentioned above is a sign that your baby is experiencing a severe condition, consult with a doctor is an action that is need to be done, considering your baby has an imperfect immune system currently.

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